Spray free - SINGLE SOURCE - hand picked - Cold Pressed



our roots

In 2017 this adventure began for our whanau. We sought to find a way to contribute to the Northland economy and aid in the connection of our tama to his whenua. Nestled within three hectares of coastal property, adjacent to Tokerau Beach on the Kairkari Peninsula, we discovered a mature but neglected olive grove in need of love and attention.

our cultivars

Our grove is home to 1500 fifteen year old olive trees of multiple cultivars including koroneiki, leccino, frantoio, verdial, and NZJ5. To find out more about our cultivars follow the link below.


our olive oil

As a small Maori business we believe in nurturing our whenua and are committed to spray free grove management and techniques. We only employ natural grove management techniques, and allow pruning and the local sea spray to enhance the viability of the crop. The health and yield of the trees is improving year on year.

Our whanau comes together between March and May each year to harvest by hand, not machine; carefully delivering our olives to a local mill for cold press within hours.

In 2018 our olive oil is presented as two delicious grove blends.

Mai i to maatou whanau ki to whanau -
From our whanau to your whanau